The Service of the Mysteries
(Holy Mass)
According to the Rite of the
Antiochene Maronite Catholic Church

Congregation Stands
The Celebrant prepares the gifts

Cel:Like a lamb led to the slaughter or a sheep before the shearers, He was silent and opened not His mouth.
The Celebrant pours wine into the cup mixing it with water:

Cel:Into this cup I pour wine and water, symbols of the blood and water which flowed from the side of Christ on the Cross.

The Celebrant covers the cup and paten with the veil:

Cel:His splendor has hidden the heavens and His glory has filled the earth.

The Celebrant prepare the gifts, proceeds to the berria and begins:

Cel:      Glory be to the Father and to the son and to the Holy Spirit, as we begin and until we conclude and forever.
Cong,   Amen.


Cel:0 Lord God, make us worthy to knock at Your door with confidence, to enter your house with diligence, and to worship You with humility.  Accept our prayers and answer our petitions, and we give glory to You worthy, now and forever.
Cong-    Amen.

Cel:Peace be with the Church and her Children.
Congregation Sits

Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth and good will to men.
Praise the Lord all you nations, glorify Him all you peoples,
for steadfast is His mercy toward us, and the truth of the Lord
endures forever.

Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, now
and forever, and peace on earth and good will to men.


Congregation Stands

Cel:PROEMION: Let us glorify, honor, and praise the Awaited Offspring Who was fashioned in the womb of theVirgin- the Lord Who exalted the memory of His mother and honored the memory of His saints, making their feasts a joy throughout the world, the Living God Who raises the dead and allows thern to share with Him eternal happiness.  Glory and honor are due to Him, now and forever.
Cong.  Amen.
Cel:SEDRO: We worship and thank You, 0 Lord, Grain that took root and grew in the womb of Mary and embraced the whole world with Your heavenly glory, As Your priest Aaron offered You incense and You removed corruption from Your people, we offer You this incense, 0 Lord, for the forgiveness of our sins and faults, and as a remembrance of those who have asked us to pray for them.  To You, Christ our God, glory and thanksgiving, now and forever,



Cel:PROEMION: Let us glorify, honor, and praise the majesty of God Who humbled Himself and exalted the humbleVirgin; Who became man and saved mankind; the Most High Whose meekness exalted the humble; Glory and honor are due to Him, now and forever.


Cel:SEDRO: As we praise and glorify with hymns the blessed Ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of God, we ask her to petition her Divine Son,saying:
0 Lord, through the prayers of Your Mother, keep away from earth and all its inhabitants the scourge of wrath; eliminate dangers and disturbances; protect Us from war,captivity, Famine, and plague, Have compassion on Our weakness; comfort our sick, help the poor, and deliver the oppressed, enable Us to lead holy lives ' give rest to the faithful departed and grant us a happy death that we may glorify You, now and forever.

Cong:    Amen


Cel:PROEMION: Let us glorify, honor, and praise the Almighty God Who raises the dead and judges mankind, Our Divine Lord, known in His unity and adored in His Trinity Glory and honor are due to Him, now and forever.


Cel:SEDRO: On the day of judgment when You will reward everyone according to his deeds, we beseech You, 0 Lord God, to make, worthy the faithful departed who received You, the Food of Life, to meet YOU with confidence.  May they rest in Your mansions of light and joy, the heavenly Jerusalem, the city of the saints, with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob Honor their mer-nory on Your altar, And when You gather us with them, grant us the happiness that You have promised the faithful, Glory and honor are due to You, now and forever.

Cong:    Amen.


Cel:Holy are You, 0 God, Holy are You, 0 Strong One, Holy are You, 0 Immortal One.  Have mercy on us.

Cong:    Holy are You, 0 God, Holy are You, 0 Strong One, Holy are You, 0 Immortal One, Have mercy on us.

Cel:Holy are You, 0 God, Holy are You, 0 Strong One, Holy are You, O Immortal One. Have mercy on us,

Cantor:  Let us sing the psalm of glory and may God bless us.

Cel:Praise and glorify the Lord,

Cong:    Blessed is the Lord Who exalted Sunday above all other days, and made it the joy of heaven and earth, angels and men,

CeI;On Sunday, the day exalted above all other days, let angels and men sing prases the Lord,

Cong:    You accepted the offerings made by righteous men before us, now accept Lord, our offering, comfort us and he attentive to our prayers.

Praise be to God always

Cong:    Allelluia, Allelluia

Cantor: The just man shall flourish like a palm tree, like a Cedar of Lebanon shall he grow

Cel:      Peace be  with   you.

Cong:   And also with you -

Cel:      Let us be attentive to the gospel of life and salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ as recorded by the Evangelist..

This is the truth, Peace be with you,


Cong:   Praise, thanksgiving and blessings to Christ Jesus for giving us His words of life; to His Father Who sent Him to redeem us; and to His Living Spirit, now and forever, Amen.



We believe in One God, the Father, the Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen.  We believe in One Lord, Jesus Christ, the Only Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father.  God from God, Light from Light, True God from True God, begotten, not made, One in being with the Father.  Through Him all things were made.  For us men and for our salvation He came down from heaven- By the power of the Holy Spirit He was born of the Virgin Mary, and became man.  For our sake He was crucified under Pontius Pilate.  He suffered, died, and was buried.  On the third day He rose again in fulfillment of the scriptures; He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father. He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and His Kingdom will have no end. We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the Giver of Life, Who proceeds from the Father and the Son, with the Father and the Son He is worshipped and glorified.  He has spoken through the prophets.  We believe in One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, We acknowledge one Baptism for the forgiveness of sins.  We look for the Resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come.  Amen.


The Celebrant  Access to the Altar

(After the creed, the celebrants approach the altar
and chant the following)

CelItel wot madbheh daloho walwot aloho
    dam ha deh tal yut
    we no bsu godtay bu tokh e 'ul el lbay
    tokh wes qu deb hay klokh dqud shokh

ChoirBdeh Itekh Mor yo da ba rayn web za di qu
        tokh a le fayn

CelSal aw a lay me tul mo ran

ChoirA lo he nqa bel qur bo no wne tra ham
        a layn bas lu tokh

Transfer-of-the Offerings

(The offerings are carried in procession and presentedto the celebrants.
                    During the procession, a hymn is sung:)

Processional Qadish
Qadish, qadish, qadishat, Moryo Aloho
qadish Byad qurbono mziyhono eet Ian
tiboutokh qadish hou dayn Lahmo dhiyay
              wa bee dly kumray hadyat Iolmo.
              Qadish qadish, qadishat I'olam.

Prayer of the Offering

(After receiving the offerings, the celebrant raises them and, facing the congregation, says)

Cel:Almighty and wondrous God, you accepted the offerings of the just.
Accept these gifts from your faithful,who have chosen them from among their possessions
and presented them to you and to your holy name as a pledge of your sincere love.
Give them in exchange of their perishable gifts an imperishable kingdom.    Amen

(The celebrant places the offerings on the altar and says)
0 God, we remember our Lord Jesus Christ and his plan of salvation. we recall all who have pleased you from the beginning to the present, especially the glorious Virgin Mary,
Mother of God, St. Maron and St. George.
We offer this sacrifice in which we commemorate the members of our families, the living and the departed, children of the holy Church, and especially your servants for whom we present this sacrifice.

(The celebrant burns incense:)

I burn this incense to praise and honor the most Holy Trinity.
Lord have mercy on us.

(The celebrant then incenses the offerings, altar, cross and congregation while a hymn is sung:)

Incense Hymn

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