Liturgical Hymns of
The Holy Syro-Malankara Qurbono
Hymn  Velivu Nirunjoverjo  In your Light
Hymn Sung on lighting the candles
(Sung while lighting the candle at the northern side)

In your light we see light O Jesus full of Light
You are the true light which enlightens all creation
Let your light enlighten us
Heavenly Father's own splendor

(Sung while lighting the candle at the southern side)
Pure and holy one who dwells in mansions of light
Keep us free from evil thoughts and hard tribulations
Grant us with heart's purity
We might do works of justice.
The Trisagion
Holy are you O God
Holy are you, the Strong
Holy are you, the Deathless,
Who were crucified for us; have mercy on us
(Sung 3 times)
While chanting the Trisagion
The priest places the three middle fingers
of his left hand on the folded corner
of the veil and with the first three
fingers of his right hand he touches
the first time the Tabitho, the second
time the Paten and the Tabitho and
the third time the Chalice the Paten
and the Tabitho. Each time he ends
by making the sign of the cross
Hymn before the First Reading
Chosen Apostles
Chosen apostles went into the four quarters
Of this entire earth and among gentiles
Preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ the Saviour
Blessed are those who embrace this gospel
For they shall inherit heaven's kingdom
Hymn before the Second Reading
Preaching of Paul holy Apostle I heard
If someone shall teach anything
Other Than what I have taught you
Though he be heaven's messenger
Accursed shall he be in Church
Diverse doctrine spread on earth
Many are those who embrace them
One who stands firm in God's ways
He shall ever be called blessed

Haleluia (Hoololo)
Halelu Haleluiah offer the sacrifice
Of Praise In you God took His
delight Approach Him with holy Gifts.
Hymn after the Gospel Reading
Holy Holy Holy are you.
Lord Angels proclaim you holy
Likewise on earth men praise you
Heavenly father declares you
My beloved Son
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